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Things Uncle Ron Should Read

July 6, 2013

Got a chance to catch up with family last night- Aunt Ruthanne and Uncle Ron over for dinner. Talked books with Uncle Ron.

Uncle Ron is a now-retired teacher of high school English and Latin, who is fond of Thomas Hardy, Sinclair Lewis, numerous other American writers of the classics, and of course has read and worked with enough writings in Latin that I forever wish I’d been able to take his classes in high school. He consistently treats language as his personal silly putty, and is one of the people in my family who taught me to love puns. The other thing he reads a lot of is suspenseful trashy beach-read type books: James Patterson, Robert Ludlum, and the like.

I know there are some mystery writers who specialize in stories and settings with a Classical bent. I haven’t read them, so I can’t recommend. But, I’ve got the trashy-but-decent mysteries well covered.

Books for Uncle Ron

First Daughter, by Eric Van Lustbader. President’s daughter is kidnapped. ATF guy to the rescue. Hiding his dyslexia along the way. I liked how much music played a role in this one.

Gideon Oliver mysteries by Aaron Elkins. Short, fast reads, with plenty of forensic anthropology. Yay!

The Tenth Case by Joseph Teller. Criminal defense attorney, Harrison J. Walker, known to all as “Jaywalker” is a fast-talker with unorthodox methods and an iffy reputation. But he wins cases, and his clients are grateful. When a female client is, ahem, “grateful” to him in a courthouse stairwell, he’s ordered to zip up, finish the 10 cases he has pending and get out. And his tenth case makes a great little read.

The Illumination by Karen Tintori and Jill Gregory. Weird artifact, check. Grisly murder, check. Spy action, check. Religious mythology/overtones. Yep! Fast read? Absolutely.

Let’s see what Uncle Ron thinks of these. Can you think of other good, suspenseful beach reads to add?

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  1. July 6, 2013 8:58 pm

    I’m always looking for a good mystery. My critieria is picky though: minimal swearing, pass on the gratuitous sex and violence. Limits things a bit, doesn’t it? I tried the classical mysteries as in Jane Eyre redeux–didn’t work for me. Sherlock Holmes? Been there, done it. I even tried Joseph Conrad’s Secret Agent. My favorite mystery series so far has been the Evans by Rhys Bowen. There is a new series by Mark Bertrand, but I’m reading them faster than he is writing them!

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