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First Week of Class

August 29, 2013

Reporting in from the first week of class.

It’s going to be a fascinating, hardworking semester.

I am taking a class in Metadata and a class in Research Methods.

And, if I use the blog the way I often do, to report back, think out loud, and clarify my thoughts about grad school.. the blog is going to look like:

Library library library library library library. Library library library.

Library library library library library library. Library library library. LIBRARY!!! Library library!

Library library library library library library. Library library library. LIBRARY!!! Library library library!

Library library library!

I will try to squeeze a book review, or a general bookish list in there somewhere, sometimes.

But I make no promises.

Because there is a lot of reading to be done. I find it potentially fascinating. In Metadata, I will be learning schemas for how things are categorized, sorted and tags, different schemas for different kinds of collections. Metadata can be called “data about data.” I expect to find it intriguing, if sometimes frustrating. And let me say this, I really think I’ve found an instructor who’s a good fit. And you know that’s true, because I’m willingly taking class on a Tuesday, and missing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for it.

And my Research Methods class, which I just had this afternoon… was A) smaller than I was expecting, and B) much more project based than I was expecting. We’re actually going to help the professor design and possibly execute a research study about e-books! Like, a real, maybe it would be published and my name would be on it somewhere, research study. Kind of mindblowing. And also, interesting topics and tangents to read about and write about.

I wish I could read and digest what I read, faster. I feel like I’m having to chew and chew and chew on what I read for school, for hours at a time, and there’s so much out there to be read. I wish I had more capacity to wolf it all down in great gulps and then jump to the next thing. I need to find a way to upload library science journal articles directly to my brain. (And not get, ahem, distracted by various social media platforms and/or lovely terrible television… um. Ahem.)

And this from a girl who’s always been told she reads fast.

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