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September 14, 2013

I’m interning at Baruch’s library on Fridays. And thanks to an excellent mentor there, I’m getting to meet each of the librarians and ask questions about daily work, career path, their backgrounds. A fantastic, invaluable resource. Might even help me figure out what I want to do as a librarian, but thus far, everything from collection development to metadata to reference has been really interesting, sounds relatively do-able, and worth a shot.

I also spent an intriguing while seeing how the library website works, and familiarizing myself with what’s available and how to access it. This sent me down an excellent rabbit hole in my own research, as the Research Methods project is starting to take place as a group project, where we divide up the tasks of growing a research study from previous papers and figuring out how to get it off the ground. A comment I made in passing led to me taking ownership of a section of the project, involving using social media in interesting ways. Which will be perplexing to implement, but it’s fun to try to find literature that points in guiding directions… or provides guidance if you squint.

Then I met up with a grad student buddy who’s new to the city and not studying library science (GASP!) so it was interesting to hear about some of grad school life outside my own particular ivory tower (he’s studying history), and to try to think of what I take for granted as wonderful (and delicious) and not to be missed in NYC, but also adapts to a grad student’s budget and time. Ongoing project.

It’s gorgeous out. Need to go to the library. Wish it had some kind of patio/balcony/ retractable roof so I could be both outside and doing library things. But if that’s the worst of my problems, life is good.

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  1. September 16, 2013 6:55 am

    True librarians, ones with MLS degrees, seem destined for extinction. When I worked the library scene ALL reference librarians had to have their MLS, now clerks run the information desks. Perhaps academic libraries still require the real deal. I hope you find your niche, and I wish you well on your journey. I would love to muck about shelves of books once again.

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