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Interesting Things I’ve Read Recently 4/2

April 2, 2014

Fighting Over The Field of Dreams (the Atlantic). As a fan of both Shoeless Joe and Field of Dreams, I will be curious how this plays out.

A quarter century ago, in rural Iowa, a Hollywood crew built a temporary baseball diamond for a now-classic movie. Maintained as a tourist attraction since, the field has recently been sold, and a developer’s new plans for it are dividing some of the community’s landowners. Which raises a curious question: Should the field’s fake authenticity be preserved?

Read it Again, Dad (Morning News) on the ways the pleasures of rereading a favorite book are tied to childhood comfort.

Yes, Audiobooks Count (NY Times) A librarian writes a letter to the Editor, referencing a NYT article on Audiobooks and the Return of Storytelling.

Let’s please stop this false competition about whether listening to a book counts the same as reading one the old-fashioned way on paper or the newfangled way on an electronic device. The more ways there are for people to read, the better.

Amen! Did I mention, she’s a librarian?

Although I’m usually dismissive and sarcastic when the likes of Vanity Fair tell me about a trend, I’m currently fascinated by the idea of “normcore.” As someone whose sartorial style can mostly be summed up as “does it fit, can I afford it, and is it machine washable?” I am all for a fashion trend that leads to being able to find more comfy shirts and jeans that fit nicely. It seems that carefully and artificially constructing a specific sort of bland casual (see Vanity Fair) is especially missing the point here. If this leads the opening of a Kohl’s near me, I am all for this trend lasting forever. Though worried that this will cause the prices on comfy long-sleeved T’s to rise.

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