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Books from #BEA2014

May 31, 2014
  1. I’m Glad I Did– Cynthia Weil. A murder mystery set at a record studio in the 1960’s. Cannot wait to read this.
  2. Flying Shoes– Lisa Howorth.  A librarian from Darien told me it was howlingly funny.
  3. The Magician’s Lie– Greer Macallister. Magic, both the stage kind and maybe the real kind. Will hopefully remind me of The Night Circus
  4. The Book of Life– Deborah Harkness. Very excited about this one.
  5. Landline– Rainbow Rowell. A woman gets a chance to talk to her teenage self on the phone. Not sure how this is going to work but Rainbow Rowell. Enough said
  6. The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace: A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark for the Ivy League– Jeff Hobbs. I bet this makes me cry.
  7. Jackaby– William Ritter. Because I cannot resist 19th century historical fiction. And then I met the author, and he is an English teacher, and tremendous fun to talk to. I’m going to enjoy this book!
  8. Gabriel Finley & The Raven’s Riddle– Goerge Magin. Fantasy YA involving a raven and a writing desk. Yes please!
  9. My Sunshine Away– M.O. Walsh. Coming of age & murder in Baton Rouge
  10. Liberty’s Torch Elizabeth Mitchell. About the building of The Statue of Liberty.
  11. Stitching Snow– R.C. Lewis. Snow White + scifi
  12. The Miniaturist– Jessie Burton. Historical fiction in New Amsterdam
  13. Letters from Skye– Julia Brockmole. Historical fiction set on the Isle of Skye, Scotland
  14. The Jewel– Amy Ewing. Mildly dystopian YA
  15. The Black Hour– Lori Rader-Day. Not sure about this one. Murder on a college campus.
  16. Neverhome Laird Hunt. Historical fiction.
  17. On Immunity– Eula Biss. Hoping this will be as intriguing as Susan Sontag’s Illness as Metaphor.
  18. Writing from The Senses – Laura Deutsch. Ideally, useful for poetry writing.
  19. The Black Butterfly– Shirley Reva Vernick. Coming of age. With ghosts.
  20. Bones Never Lie– Kathy Reichs
  21. Rebel Souls: Walt Whitman and America’s First Bohemian– Justin Martin. Sure, why not
  22. A Replacement Life– Boris Fishman. Novel. Because I liked the title.
  23. Yankee in Atlanta– Jocelyn Green. Yup, historical fiction
  24. Tea and Justice– Becca Stevens. Social history of tea? Sign me up!
  25. The American Plate- Libby H. O’Connell. Social food history. Yay!
  26. The Lewis Man– Peter May. For me and my Dad because he liked The Black House. Scottish mystery.
  27. The Big Hit– James Neal Harvey. Noir mystery, Dad will like it.
  28. The Button Man– Mark Pryor. British mystery
  29. Everlasting Lane– Andrew Lovett English coming-of-age
  30. Rainey Royal– Dylan Landis. Coming of age in 1970’s
  31. A Sudden Light– Garth Stein. Coming of age in haunted house
  32. Iron Trial– Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. Supernatural YA
  33. Secrecy– Rupert Thomson. Historical fiction with Medicis.
  34. So We Read On-Maureen Corrigan. Riffs on The Great Gatsby
  35. Little Man– Elizabeth Mann. Middle grade book set in Caribbean
  36. Falling From Horses– Molly Gloss. 1938 cowboy goes to Hollywood.
  37. Madame Picasso– Anne Girard. a young Picasso’s romance
  38. Mary: The Summoning– Hillary Monahan. as in Bloody Mary game with mirrors
  39. Founders’ Son– Richard Brookheiser. Biography of Lincoln
  40. A Place at the Table– Susan Rebecca White. Takes place in a restaurant.
  41. The Rest is Silence– James R. Benn. I’m all kinds of excited for the latest Billy Boyle
  42. How to Ruin a Queen-Jonathan Beckman. Narrative nonfiction about Marie Antoinette and a scandal involving a diamond necklace
  43. Tastemakers: Why- We’re Crazy for Cupcakes but Fed Up With Fondue– David Sax. Been wanting to read this. The author was very funny, asking people their favorite foods as he autographed, to personalize. I couldn’t name a favorite food. That’s like naming a favorite book!
  44. Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Writer’s Life– Pamela Smith Hill. This should be fascinating
  45. How Star Wars Conquered the Universe– Chris Taylor. Because of the title.
  46. Wolf in White Van- John Darnielle. Interestingly convoluted exploration of game, story and reality, including a roleplaying game that spills out into the real world
  47. The World Afloat– M.A.C. Farant. Because it was pretty.
  48. Cold Type– Harvey Araton. A novel of the waning days of journalism
  49. 1636- Eric Flint and Charles Gannon. Because I liked 1632 (but I need to catch up on a few years in the series!)
  50. Ghost Bride– Yangsze Choo. interesting, possibly spooky look at Chinese traditions and historical fiction.
  51. Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival– Jennifer Chiaverini. This reminds me, I meant to read Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker.
  52. Juliet’s Nurse- Lois Leveen. Heard good things about this, and I’m curious about the alternate perspective on Romeo and Juliet
  53. Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel– Sarah Farizan. Sequel to If You Could Be Mine, which, while not a perfect book, was, I think an important one, about an Iranian teenager questioning her sexuality.
  54. My Real Children– Jo Walton. A woman remembers parallel lives, including things like alternate histories. Not sure about this one, but I’m game.
  55. The Supreme Macaroni Company– Adriana Trigani. Family saga involving small business, Greenwich Village and Italy
  56. Assassin’s Apprentice– Robin Hobb. Have never read Robin Hobb.
  57. The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street– Susan Jane Gilman. Historical fiction involving immigrating to New York. I’m in.
  58. Nothing is True and Everything is Possible– Peter Pomerantsev. A memoir about modern Russian life. Curious about this one.
  59. Birth of a Bridge– Maylis de Kerangal. French novel about building a bridge in an alternate reality California.
  60. Feast for Thieves– Marcus Brotherton. WWII vet turns preacher in small town.
  61. The Wrenchies– Farel Dalyrymple. Sweet middle-grade graphic novel
  62. Kabu-Kabu– Nnedi Okorafor. I think this was the author Jaye was telling me to read.
  63. A Light in The Wilderness– Jane Kirkpatrick. Civil War historical fiction
  64. The Swap- Megan Shull. YA where a teen boy and a teen girl swap bodies, Freaky Friday style
  65. The Undertaking- Audrey Magee. WWII marriage of convenience that blossoms into romance
  66. City of Lies– Ramita Navai. Life in Tehran, nonfiction
  67. King Dork, Approximately– Frank Portman. YA novel, sequel to King Dork, which I should likely get from the library first.
  68. Season of Storms– Susanna Kearsley. Historical fiction with shades of Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier
  69. Nihal of the Land of the Wind– Licia Troisi. YA fantasy
  70. Drawing Amanda– Stephanie Feuer. YA with shades of interesting cybercrime
  71. Unbroken– Laura Hillenbrand. I just realized this was “Adapted for Young Adults” from the book of the same title Hillenbrand wrote a while ago. What does that even mean?
  72. The Boy Who Drew Monsters– Keith Donohue. Definitely spooky
  73. The Collector of Dying Breaths-M.J. Rose Historical suspense in Renaissance Italy
  74. Brutal Youth– Anthony Breznican. Not sure about this one, warped tale of a New York prep school.
  75. The Dogs Were Rescued (and so was I)– Teresa J. Rhyne. A memoir  by a dog lover that’s going to give me the warm fuzzies.
  76. Crooked Numbers– Tim O”Mara. Grabbed this at the Mystery Writers of America booth. The author was terribly nice.
  77. The Girl Who Never Was-Skylar Dorset. YA. main character is a half-faerie princess. I’m dubious but willing to give it a shot.
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  1. June 4, 2014 10:14 pm

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of JULIET’S NURSE . . . it’s written to work for readers who have forgotten everything they may ever have known about Romeo and Juliet, but there are a ton of insider jokes and ironies for those who are Shakespeare aficionados!

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