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Blogging at the Burke Library: A Summer in the Archives

August 25, 2014

As I’ve mentioned here, I spent the summer discovering that I find archives fascinating, and getting acquainted with the archival collections at the Burke Library up at Columbia, as well as working on the social media. I learned a lot this summer, about the theory and practice of processing archives. It’s making me think about my studies differently, and want to read, learn, and work more in the archival world.

It’s also been a summer of thinking and learning about spirituality, and how it’s expressed in missionary work, past and present, and in theological library collections and academic communities.  I read an article from Christianity Today, called The World The Missionaries Made” that I found tremendously helpful in orienting me to the academic research about missionaries, and contemporary theological discussion. The article itself is behind a paywall, but here’s the gist on The Emerging Scholars Blog.

In chronological order, the blog posts I’ve done for the Burke Blog and my own blog that capture my summer internship.

My First Day at the Burke: So much to learn!

Debugging and Debugging at the Burke

Millions of Books! Field trip to ReCAP

Testing a Scavenger Hunt

Last Day at the Burke

And another interesting tidbit: In my Collection Development class, I learned that Union Theological Seminary, the home of the Burke, is used as a location for college scenes on Law & Order. Who knew?

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