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Librarian Stereotypes

August 28, 2014

The semester seems to be off to a decent start (except I have a cold, boo!). I’ve had my two classes. (More on those, after I’ve digested at least some of the readings.) I’ve got a decent schedule working at the library.

Last night, my professor for Collection Development had us divide into pairs to interview each other, and introduce one another to the class, to get to know each other. She gave us a list of questions to ask, including what you’d expect: what had we studied so far in the program? What were our future plans? What library experience did we have?

And one of her questions was terrific:

How do you violate the librarian stereotype?

I saw that in the list of questions, looked at my partner and said “Librarian stereotype? she said, wearing a black cardigan and glasses, with her hair in a bun.” True story.

The answers from my classmates were great:

“My hair’s too short to put in a bun!”

“I don’t like cats.”

“I don’t own any cardigans.”

“I don’t like working with people. I’d rather be in the back office.”

“I like football!” offered our instructor, who happens to be a Bills fan.

“I’m more interested in art than in books.”

“I don’t read fiction!”

There are two guys in the class, both of whom offered wry grins before answering. “I’m a metalhead,” said one. And I didn’t catch the other’s answer. (He’s on the quiet side in general, and once told me a joke: “What’s the definition of an extroverted librarian? They stare at YOUR shoes.” Sigh.)

The answer I came up with, after some thought about the many, many ways I fit the stereotype perfectly:

My bookshelves are horribly organized. I claim I have a system, but, really? Yeah. Bad librarian, no biscuit.

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  1. August 29, 2014 7:34 pm

    Oh, this made my day. I’m still hankering to be a librarian as I espouse Shakespeare to the unwilling ears of teens. Wait, am I a stereotypical English teacher? Glasses: check. Conservative clothes: check. Book Geek: check. Classical music: check–wait does Bachman Turner Overdrive count as classic?

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