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The Librarians Week 2: Liveblog and Review

December 14, 2014

What a week it’s been! I’ve tried not to die. I’ve been diligently working on my cataloging homework and looking forward to watching The Librarians on Sunday night. It’s library related! This is practically homework! Or, at the very least, it counts as professional development. Even networking, thanks to the great fun and librarian chatter on Twitter. Hi @cincylibrary!

Tinkering with artifacts, surly librarian, Jenkins. That won’t end badly.

Tempted to figure out a set of metaphors on Drill Sergeant Eve’s emphasis on theory and training enclosed in the Library versus surly librarian Jenkins’ willingness to tantalize the Librarianettes with the magic clippings, and the call to gain practical experience in the world, as a construct or metaphor for different library science program practices. Classroom versus internship/practicum. Except with more mythological creatures and possible death.

Loving this episode. Nice teamwork between skill sets of thief, art historian, pattern-finder, and commander/hitter. Especially love how they’re navigating and negotiating, trading expertise and in their prickly ways getting used to each other’s skill sets and assumptions. I love that it’s not easy for any of them. This episode is doing a terrific job of letting different dynamics through- splitting the party. “Maybe the term you’re looking for is partners,” yes indeed.

My favorite might be Cassandra and Ezekiel- I wasn’t ready to like either of them in the first episode, too focused on Baird and Mr. Art History (who I need to stop calling Eliot-Farmboy.) In one scene, Cassandra and Ezekiel got a lot of compassion and trust done, plus nifty problem solving.

Hoping we see more of the transformation between mythic/ancient setting and its modern translation.

I giggled immoderately at the corporate babble spilling over and entwining with mythic jargon. Amortization and stock options and interns and minotaur sacrifices.

Also, I think I need to rewatch the episodes that have aired so far, because live-tweeting is great fun but I think I’m missing important details.

Oh my goodness, next Sunday’s episode is going to involve Santa? and Bruce Campbell? I’m so very there!

Here’s a funny thing: I don’t have much to say that’s mocking and snarky after a really solid hour of fantasy adventure caper cheese. And what I lack in witticisms of the 140 character variety, I think I make up for in delight and the desire to tune in next week.

I’ll take it.


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