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Reading Slump

February 27, 2015

There’s something so satisfying about a book grabbing my attention, luring me in to its world and its characters, taking me wholly out of my head for a while. I also love the satisfaction of turning the last page, having gobbled the book all up. Yes, it can be bittersweet to leave the world and characters behind, but the feeling of having completed the book balances it out. I think tracking my book finishing as a mode of consumption, using things like Dewey’s Readathon or even the yearly list on GoodReads, with or without a charity element, contribute to the mindset of a finished book as an accomplishment.

That warm, fuzzy finished-book feeling has been in short supply of late. I’m fairly sure that I had the thought last semester, wistfully, about making a giant dent in my TBR pile upon graduation. Cue the (only slightly hysterical) laughter.

I have bookmarks in about three different books right now. One of which is the ever-present Sherlock Holmes anthology, which is really just beyond my mental range right now. I keep picking mysteries, science fiction, even the usually reliable YA up, paging through a few sentences, and wandering off. It’s frustrating, because I very much want the sweet, soothing power of lingering over a good book. And… not even short stories are doing it for me at the moment. I just don’t have the cerebral juice to tackle my TBR pile. (My Netflix queue of silly crime drama, on the other hand…)

Probably I shouldn’t be surprised. I landed myself an astonishingly awesome project (more on that later, she said mysteriously) right at the end of January, and as I dig deeper into it, I very much have the feeling of still being in school. Especially with the deadline looming. Whee!

But, since I’m not technically in school, it took a while to dawn on me. I’m still reading about libraries and learning and writing like a student… so I should keep reading my genre fiction like one. Bring on the YA fantasy. Bring on the small wholesome towns that seem unstuck in time. Bring on the mysteries that zoom along with more verve than violence. And for now, shelve the rest.

And pass the coffee, this former student has some writing to finish.

One of these days/weeks/months/years… I will read Gotham. Really, I will.


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  1. March 8, 2015 10:15 pm

    Haha! I know what you mean about a reading slump and hopping from book to book. Usually when this hits me, I hop around until I land on a favorite that I’ve read hundreds of times and then Viola! I’m out of the slump.

    And that “warm, fuzzy finished-book feeling” is a high. 🙂


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