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Book Haul from #BEA2015

May 27, 2015


Stack of books

Book Expo Haul, Day 1

  1.  The White Ghost James Benn. New Billy Boyle! yay!
  2. City on Fire– Garth Risk Hallberg
  3. Down Among the Dead Men– Peter Lovesy
  4. The Three-Year Swim Club – Julie Checkoway
  5. The Haunting of Sunshine Girl– Paige McKenzie
  6. Made to Kill– Adam Christopher (a robot detective!)
  7. Finding Forever– Ken Baker
  8. The Do-Right– Lisa Sandlin
  9. We That are Left– Clare Clark
  10. One Man’s Flag– David Downing
  11. Girl Waits With Gun– Amy Stewart
  12. Exchange of Princesses– Chantal Thomas
  13. Black Man in a White Coat– Damon Tweedy, M.D.
  14. Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist– Sunil Yapa
  15. No Baggage– Clare Benson. Travel memoir, Eat-Pray-esque
  16. In a Dark Wood- Ruth Ware (psychological thriller, likely not my thing, but likely to be the next Gone Girl.)
  17. The Fall of Princes– Robert Goolrick
  18. This is Your Life, Harriet Chance– Jonathan Evison
  19. The Ables– Jeremy Scott. Mutant superheroes. With disabilities. Really hoping this is as good as it sounds.
  20. Beastly Bones– William Ritter. Jackaby sequel! Yay!
  21. More Happy Than Not– Adam Silvera. Interesting scifi premise about memory.
  22. The Little Paris Bookshop– Nina George.
  23. Alice in Wonderland High- Rachel Shane. YA riff on Alice. Looks good.
  24. Gorsky– Vesna Goldsworthy. Claims to be a reimagining of Gatsby. Okay then.
  25. Becoming Maria- Sonia Manzano. Memoir by the actress who played Maria on Sesame Street. Squee!
  26. Dead White Guys– Matt Burriesci A father and his daughter read the classics of Western canon. Will likely hand this off to my own dad.
  27. The Hired Girl– Laura Amy Shlitz. Because 19th century historical fiction.
  28. Nightfall– Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski. Fantasy horror.
  29. Honor Girl– Maggie Thrash. Graphic novel memoir.
  30. Killing Kind– Chris Holm. Hitman who hits other hitmen.
  31. Foulsham– Edward Carey. Seems like good Joan Aiken style fantasy
  32. Daughter of the House– Rosie Thomas. 19th century. Drat, I didn’t realize was a sequel.
  33. The Marvels– Brian Selznick
  34. Lois Lane: Fallout– Gwenda Bond. Heard good things about it
  35. Mr. Puffball, Stunt Cat to the Stars– Constance Lombardo. On the strength of the title.
  36. Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons and Dragons by Michael Witwer
  37. Come Rain, Come Shine– Jan Karon. Because I’m a sucker for Mitford.
  38. The Hundred Year House– Rebecca Makkai
  39. Galore– Michael Crummey
  40. The Girl Who Wrote in Silk– Kelli Estes. Shades of The Tale of Murasaki
  41. Benefit of the Doubt– Michael Griffith. Promising procedural. Yes, Dad you get it next.
  42. Uprooted– Lynne Reid Banks. As in The Indian and the Cupboard author. yes please.
  43. House of Thieves- Charles Balfour. Note to self, read his previous book, The Paris Architect, as have heard good things.
  44. The Secret Chord– Geraldine Brooks
  45. Kissing in America– Margo Rabb. YA
  46. The Blackthorn Key- Kevin Sands. YA fantasy.
  47. Dragon Day– Lisa Brackman. Mystery
  48. Being Mortal– Atul Gawande
  49. The Cutting Room– Ellen Datlow. Speculative fiction about movies edited by Ellen Datlow, yes please.
  50. Everything, Everything– Nicola Yoon. Girl who lives hermetically sealed medical life falls in love. What could possibly go wrong?
  51. Until We Meet Again– Renee Collins. Country clubs and social climbing. Not sure how this one happened to me.
  52. Wendy Darling– Colleen Oakes. Wendy from Peter Pan’s POV.
  53. Legacy of Kings- Eleanor Herman. Swords and Alexander the Great.
  54. Death in a Strange Country– Donna Leon
  55. Dreams of Angels– Heather O’Neill. Short stories.
  56. The Bees– Laline Paull. A novel with honeybees as characters. Okay, then.
  57. Rubbernecker– Belinda Bauer. Med student dissects cadaver, becomes certain body died of foul play.
  58. Knight’s Shadow– Sebastien de Castell. Swashbuckling.


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  1. DonaldPeebles permalink
    May 28, 2015 9:57 pm

    Did you pay for all of these books?

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