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Day Two of #BEA2015

May 28, 2015

Even in a half day of wandering the exhibit floor, I managed to come away with a brimming bag full of books, both eagerly anticipated and sudden surprises, and an ever-growing list of books I don’t have yet, but still covet. (Libba Bray has a sequel to The Diviners coming? MUST OWN this! Also, the new Nightvale novel, which I should have known better than to try to obtain/get signed. The line was a bit intense, so I fled!) Much of this book largesse is due to Hilary knowing exactly what sort of fantasy, mysteries and generally uplifting genre fiction I like. Thank you, Hilary! You’re a wonderful BEA-buddy.

Hilary and I, weighed down by our bags of wonderful and enticing books, started talking about dragons and their hoards of treasure. Because one of the fun parts, year after year, is putting the splendid haul of new books into towering stacks, and just admiring them, before digging in and starting to read. Sometimes I get tempted to stack the books and see if the stack is taller than me. Sometimes, I think about building book forts. Maybe I’ll do that, this year. But, here’s the thing about dragons and hoards of book-treasure: Dragons’ usual defenses aren’t very book-friendly. Fire-breathing or acid spitting would be bad news. So, maybe not a dragon with a bookish hoard. Yes, we actually had this conversation.

Today’s other adventures included bumping into Nancy Bilyeau, author of the Joanna Stafford series. It was great to be giddy at her about the Joanna Stafford series, and especially The Tapestry, and to see an author’s perspective on BEA. I stopped by the Librarian Book Buzz, but they didn’t have slides, so I rather lost the thread of things… possibly just as well: my list of books to read beyond the ones I’ve grabbed is getting alarming. I saw a few familiar faces from all facets of the publishing world: nice publicists and reps I’ve seen before, librarians and bloggers from all over. Even people whose names I don’t know without a quick glance at their badges were familiar faces, nice to see, nice to say hi. I’m still dazed, and beyond happy that I actually belong in the Librarian’s Lounge now. Mostly, the afternoon was a blissful wander of the floor, snapping up intriguing looking titles.  I tried, I really tried, to be picky and discerning. But… my stash of new books has doubled in size. And guess what’s going to happen again tomorrow?

Maybe I’ll build myself a fort out of books this weekend. And pile it with blankets and pillows and settle in and read.

Yes, I’m a grown woman. Yes, I’m actually considering building a book fort.  No, I haven’t updated my list of books yet. Updates to follow, this weekend.

But for now, the book blogger librarian has some reading to do. Run along now, don’t make me breathe fire at you.

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  1. DonaldPeebles permalink
    May 28, 2015 9:55 pm

    This blog about your 2nd day at BEA makes me wanna attend my very first BEA tomorrow.

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