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Words I Have Needed to Look Up

July 12, 2015

This post is long overdue, I think, holding myself accountable to looking up unfamiliar words in books I’ve read.

epicene (adj): having characteristics belonging to both sexes

epistemology (n) a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, nature,methods, and limits of human knowledge. I see this word all the time and have to look it up, repeatedly. I confuse it with “epistolary.”

iterative: (adj) Repeating

neap tide: (n) A tide that occurs when the difference between high and low tide is least; the lowest level of high tide. Neap tide comes twice a month, in the first and third quarters of the moon. (from Have His Carcase)
neurasthenic– having a nervous breakdown, or, I gather, prone to one, or just having had one. (Describes a scholar in an article I read for school.)

omphaloskepsis: (n) navel-gazing.

 quisby: A wretch; an idle person. doing quisby: idling, not working.
plethoric: (adj) Adjective of plethora. Abundant. In the context I saw, in Sherlock Holmes, it was used to describe an agent… I think, meaning big and tall and heavy.
skeumorphism: (n) The design concept of making items represented resemble their real-world counterparts. Skeuomorphism is commonly used in many design fields, including user interface (UI) and Web design, architecture, ceramics and interior design.
subfusc (adj) dark and drab or dingy
valetudinarian: (n) An invalid, a person who is excessively concerned with his poor health or ailments. As seen in The Sign of the Four. Sort of like a 19th century hypochondriac.
totipotent: (adj) In biology, having the potential for developing in variousspecialized ways in response to external or internal stimuli. As seen in Island Practice.
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  1. July 12, 2015 5:56 pm

    The navel watcher–there’s a word for everything!

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