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Interesting Things I’ve Read Recently 9/1/15

September 1, 2015

How is it September already? When did that happen? In part, it’s the quarter system at my Library messing with me… quarter started in July, and will chug along into mid-September, so the students I work with aren’t thinking First Day of School so much as they’re thinking Final Projects and Exams. In part, of course, it’s the fact that I’m not in school myself. (Woohoo!)

So here are some things I’ve read recently.

Librarians on Bikes are Delivering WiFi and Books to Kids in ‘Book Deserts.’ (Good Magazine) I love this. It fills me with librarian pride. Librarianship is, at its core, about working to ensure equal access, whether through the traditional notion of a bookmobile or adapting the bookmobile to become an access point to bridge the digital divide (the Philly library system sends out techmobiles, very cool.) Adapting the term of book desert

A Poirot Novel Where No One Is Murdered And He Gets To Eat Everything He Wanted Without Interruption (The Toast) Exactly what it says it is: a riff on one of Agatha Christie’s famous sleuths, focusing on gastronomy, not mystery. This pleased the foodie in me.

If I go quiet for a while, assume I have fallen down the historical rabbit hole of the OED. Curious? 5 things you can do with the Historical Thesaurus of the OED.

And finally: The digital debate is done, sayeth The Guardian. I am on board for their assertion that screens and print can coexist in a mature markets, and in reader preferences. However, I’m hesitant to be on board with their assertion that peace has been made between independent bookshops and retail behemoths. I still worry on behalf of indie bookstores and want them to thrive.

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