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#Readathon… ish

October 17, 2015

Dewey’s 24-Hour-Readathon snuck up on me. It started this morning. My Twitter feed has been full of readers and bloggers and the Dewey organizers doing what makes the day fun: reading, chatting, snacking, making new connections.

I sort of had it marked on my calendar. And then I had one monster of a busy few months: A library job that was new in the spring is starting to find a good groove. I have a book with my name on the cover, and I’ve mostly stopped shrieking in delight at the sight of it. But wait, here’s some more new: I’ve got another library job to work in parallel with the first one, and this was the first week: so there’s more new, and more learning and more giddy cycling between overwhelming and exhilarating and new new new. And that was just this week. And I have a cold. And I had theater tickets last night.

(Funny side note: I’m behind on the deadline of a piece of writing: “The theme is transitions,” said the nice editors. And my life kept dishing out raw material so fast I haven’t had a chance to write more than the opening paragraph. Is that irony or just Murphy’s law?)

So yes, the Readathon pounced on me out of nowhere. I’ve been lurking around the edges of social media all day, dipping into and out of finishing a book, pulling myself away to do errands, pulling myself back to read more and lurk on Twitter. Thinking nostalgic thoughts about the times I managed to do the Readathon up proper: making a retreat of it with a bag of books and a mini-vacation, and my Dad’s pasta sauce. Staying up late with snacks. Tweets and comments and conversations with bloggers all over the world. For every book I inhaled, adding three to my pile from recommendations, in a silly festival weekend.

Feeling nostalgic, but knowing that an all-nighter wasn’t in the cards this weekend. Knowing that I’ve gotten out of the habit of taking me-time that isn’t punctuated by errands I’m either doing or trying to ignore. Really setting reading time aside.

This morning caught me short. Surprise: Readathon. But with the day to get my head around the idea, I’ve come up with a new plan. Starting with taking my book and my tea to bed early, and lingering over my book before I greet the day tomorrow morning. I’ll catch up on Twitter this week, and visit blogs in the quiet when the bookish are catching up on their giddy sleep. Readathon: party of one! Readathon for life!

Who knows, maybe I can have books, and blogs and sleep! Dare I dream?

And once I know the April date, I’m not only marking my calendar, but clearing it and doing it up proper again.

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  1. October 18, 2015 8:46 am

    I had no clue about this. I just finished reading a book today. It’s so satisfying to start in the morning and focus. Of course having s good book in hand is essential.

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