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Interesting Stuff I’ve Read Recently: Halloween Edition

October 31, 2015

Candy corn, the Halloween staple, used to be a year-round penny candy. Great roundup of its history from Timeline. (Noting, I’m not a fan of candy corn at all. Although it was fascinating in terms of social history, reading this made me want to brush my teeth.)

Every year, the simple act of being a kid choosing a costume devolves into Boy Costumes and Girl Costumes. Gendered marketing makes me angry. Here’s the New York Times on Halloween costumes, armed with plenty of evidence that breaking out of circumscribed gender roles is a great idea for everybody. And yet, every Halloween, “girls” costumes get more sexualized, younger. Yuck.

Related: When I go to Halloween stores, I’m always amazed/horrified at the ingenuity of the Sexy Costume variants. This year’s crowning glory, click at your own risk:

Sexy Ninja Turtle

And this one’s even worse

On to less scary topics, like dead bodies, blood, and rabies: BookRiot has an excellent roundup of grisly nonfiction. I have read, and enjoyed Stiff by Mary Roach, and I’m definitely adding the book about the Body Farm to my TBR pile.

Books on the Salem Witch Trials, courtesy of the NYPL. I haven’t read most of these, but I’m intrigued. I remember going to the museum in Salem when I was a kid, and being both fascinated and freaked out by it.

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