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No Buying Books 2016: Place Your Bets & Win a Book

January 1, 2016

I’m going to bring back my New Year’s Resolution from 2015. No buying books in 2016. Reading books I own, review copies, and books from the library. Making a dent in my massive stacks of unread books.

It was good for me in 2015! I managed to read books that had been in my TBR pile for months, even over a year. Yes, I got stacks upon stacks of books at the Book Expo. But I also used my library card more, and read review copies and posted reviews in a somewhat timely fashion.

I didn’t crack until mid-April! (And then I fell off the wagon in spectacular fashion, with the purchase of Diane Duane’s nine-book Young Wizards series. I can’t be blamed. It’s Diane Duane.)

And as I said last year, I am turning it into a contest. Pick a date, and win a book.  Last year, Russ called it, and I handed off a book from my stash.

Ahem… So, this year, the same resolution is in effect. I’m not buying books in 2016.

I may or may not have placed a pre-order on December 30, of about four different much-anticipated books that will be published in 2016. Doesn’t count, I tell you! It happened in 2015. So there. Including Diane Duane.


The Rules:

  1. Leave a comment to specify a date of 2016 on which you think I will break my resolution and purchase a book.
  2. The person whose guess comes closest will win a book, selected and sent by me!
  3. Only U.S. residents are eligible to win. No international shipping.
  4. Your prize will be randomly selected by me, and may be an ARC, galley, or used book, may be YA or genre fiction or nonfiction.
  5. No more than two winners will be selected. (If more people select the same winning date, two will be randomly selected.)
  6. I pledge to be honest about my book purchasing.
  7. Books purchased for others do not count.

I think that covers everything. Place your bets! I’m off to read a book I already own.

(Inside tip: I predict that I will definitely crack sometime around September, unless I manage to get a galley copy of James Benn’s latest Billy Boyle novel.)

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