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Superheroes and Such

January 26, 2016

The snow is shoveled into mountainous piles that are turning dingy gray. I am very grateful to the people who shoveled it, and trying to think of a way to thank apartment complex employees that wouldn’t be weird. It’ll probably all melt into a massive puddle by tonight. And, hopefully not freeze immediately thereafter.

Yesterday’s morning at the library included a conversation with a young woman who is a huge fan of all things Batman: comics, movies, cartoons, she’s seen it. She’s read it. She knows her Batman. She’s super excited for the Suicide Squad movie. This delights me. We had a high five on the subject of Barbara Gordon, Batgirl and Awesome Librarian. Other superheroes are less interesting to this particular student, but I suggested that Daredevil might be worth a shot. (As also dark, brooding, urban savior complex. Violence.)

I’ve been watching Supergirl. It’s marvelous. This is how I prefer my superheroes and my genre fiction: adventure with optimism, idealism, strong friendships. Even when the nasty monster from Mars is attacking, friends work as a team, have each other’s backs in the fight and in the emotional aftermath. There’s banter. Supergirl’s alter ego has a day job, and friendships with her coworkers and her boss. I need that kind of attempted normalcy and optimism in my adventure television. (See also: NCIS and Castle.) A friend, can’t remember if it was Andrew, or maybe Richard, once said: “You have a really carefully cultivated air of optimism.” Yep. I do. And I work at it. Even in choosing my crime drama.

Still haven’t seen the new X-Files. May watch the whole season on streaming so I can watch it at a time other than Sunday night. Fewer conspiracy and monster nightmares on a school night. Really hoping the new series remembers to be actually funny, instead of either super-serious or fan-service-trying-too-hard funny. Watched some of the old episodes over the weekend. Most of all, I was struck by the changes technology has wrought in research and information management. Watched Mulder and Scully consulting paper folders and binders, and lamenting that records had been lost. That made a bigger impression than the monster of the week. Yes, this is what happens when I go to library school.

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