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Odds and Ends 2/8/16

February 8, 2016

Happy Monday! Here are some odds and ends from various corners of the Internet.

Kind-Hearted Reality Shows I Would Like to See (the Toast)

Top Chef: Team Version

You know, like Top Chef, but instead the whole cast works together to create huge, whimsically themed feasts they then all sit down and eat. There are no judges.


Come to think of it, Erica Bauermeister’s books are pretty much exactly this. And they’re pretty much my favorite things ever.

Daniel Jose Older: Writing Begins With Forgiveness. (Seven Scribes) Read this, read it again. Important advice, not just for writing, but for any creative project, or work that involves more heart than paycheck.

Far from Sunday’s Super Bowl, a Football Championship in China (NPR blog). Genuinely surprised by this, and fascinated. (And meant to post this last week, in advance of the Superb Owl.)

Lent, by the numbers, from Twitter. (ChristianityToday) Crunching the data about what Catholics are giving up for Lent (which starts this week, with Ash Wednesday.) Fascinating for both the human commentary and the data gathering. Top contenders include: school, chocolate, social networking.

The Anthropology of Space (SAPIENS blog)

In the fields of archaeoastronomy (how people understood the sky in the past) and ethnoastronomy (current cultural perceptions of the sky), scholars study how humans throughout history have looked up to the sky and wondered where we come from, why we’re here, and where we’re going.

Why is this the first time I’m finding out this exists? It delights me! Time to do some reading!

Recalling a Book: Bowing to Pressure or Righting Wrongs? (School Library Journal blog) A thoughtful series of essays to read in the wake of Scholastic’s decision to halt printing of A Birthday Cake for George Washington

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