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Odds and Ends 2/26/16

February 26, 2016

President Obama has nominated Dr. Carla Hayden to be the next Librarian of Congress. Which reminds me, I need to read up on what the nomination process entails.

The Digital Wild West of Apps is an Opportunity for Librarians,” Good recap from School Library Journal of the latest report on children’s literacy apps from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center. Looks like not much has changed since I looked into this for my book: there is a huge mass of apps out there targeted to young children, not always designed with educational effectiveness or usability in mind, and researching and curating quality apps becomes a necessary project for librarians, educators and other media mentors.

Simon and Schuster is launching an imprint for Muslim children’s lit and YA in 2017. The goal of Salaam Reads is to tell stories that resonate with young Muslim readers, as well as to help their stories reach a broader audience. I’ll be interested in the range of stories and characters they introduce.

San Francisco Public Library hosts Drag Queen Story Hour “What do drag queens and children have in common? They both find joy in wrapping themselves in feather boas and all things shiny and glittery.” I was born in San Francisco. This program makes me wish I lived there, still, and worked in a public library.

BBC Future asks Are Paper Books Really Disappearing? I found this a decently balanced survey of studies of the effect of e-reading on comprehension and cognition, at different ages. As someone who once fought hard against the idea of owning an e-reader, I have to say, I’ve embraced it pretty enthusiastically.

The Everlasting Magic of English Teachers made me smile (a bit mistily.) I have many, many great memories of English teachers. (The fact that I wasn’t an English major surprises some people. But no, I went for anthropology. And lots of English classes.) I could devote a whole blog post to English teachers and professors I remember fondly. I should, in fact, write that post sometime.

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  1. February 27, 2016 7:08 am

    As an senior English teacher I have the distinction of being the last of a long acquaintance with school literature for my students. Many, if not most, come in with s surly attitude about English. My goal is to get that frown turned upside down. While I don’t resort to bath robes, I have been known for antics to liven up class. I love teaching English because I’m actually a librarian at heart (budget cuts). To infuse the love of books is a mission not a vocation.

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