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Odds and Ends 3/4/16

March 4, 2016

Banned Library has provided a two-part history of the previous Librarians of Congress.

Part 1 & Part 2

Still need to research how the Librarian of Congress is chosen, and I’d love to know more about what the job entails. Copyright, digital stuff. And I hope, help senators and representatives choose nice novels to read to unwind at night. I really hope that’s part of the job description.

How Mark Twain’s ghost almost set off the copyright battle of the century (Fusion).

“in 1917, seven years after Twain’s demise, reports emerged that he had dictated a new novel, via Ouija board, to a receptive medium.”

It’s a copyright case involving Mark Twain and a Ouija board. This is better than a monkey’s selfie.

Bad Medieval Book Manners (Philobiblona blog) draws on a digitization of Philobiblon  by “Richard de Bury (1287-1345), bishop of Durham, Lord Chancellor, Treasurer and Privy Seal…a work that is as fascinating as it has been neglected by modern historians. It is Richard’s manifesto forbibliophilia or the love of books.”

Of showing due Propriety in the Custody of Books

We are not only rendering service to God in preparing volumes of new books, but also exercising an office of sacred piety when we treat box carefully, and again when we restore them to their proper places and commend them to inviolable custody; that they may rejoice in purity while we have them in our hands, and rest securely when they are put back in their repositories.

Found a lovely online literary magazine, Fireside Fiction and in particular, this gorgeous story: This is Not a Wardrobe Door. Made me think of Narnia, which was nice on a cold and windy day. Planning to make browsing the archives part of my routine.

Send the titles of two books you loved and one you didn’t to the Grumpy Librarian, to get a recommendation of what you should read next. I may or may not try this, though I’m not hurting for things to read. But I really, really love her voice and perspective on That Book Everyone Else is Reading.

Pupils from the Scottish islands of Mull and Iona launch a video campaign to save their school librarian. On the one hand, great video. On the other hand, what the hell is wrong with people? There are entirely too many stories of budget cuts to school libraries, worldwide. It’s stupid to keep having to fight this fight.

On to more cheerful news. A bookshop holiday. In Scotland. Where you can run a bookshop in a Scottish village. I’ll end this here. Absolutely not because I’m researching flights, though.

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