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Odds and Ends 3/11/16

March 11, 2016


A Bookish Dragon Hoard, by the artist Iguanamouth. This print is currently sold out at her online store, and I think I need it. Because of reasons. Accurate, autobiographical reasons.

Such Ado: The Fight for Shakespeare’s Puns (The Atlantic) The Bard is pretty much synonymous with wordplay, layers of meaning and language and, yes, puns. I hadn’t realized until I read this, how much of the language of current meaning and performance had changed, and even eroded Shakespeare’s original language and meaning, and jokes. Some specific examples here.

Job posting that makes me proud to be a librarian: Cheese Librarian  (Note, there are also wine librarian job postings.)

The Week does a good job of explaining current copyright law, and its impact on digital media-makers, especially YouTube video personalities.

Speaking of copyright and rights, the mass-market edition of To Kill a Mockingbird is being killed by a court decision (New Republic), that, like just about everything surrounding the late author in recent years, is opaque and seems vaguely menacing. I don’t think I have enough information to have a real opinion about this, other than the fact that I find it disturbing.

Ursula K. LeGuin on How You Make Something Good in Creative Work (BrainPickings) is a collection of excerpts of creative advice. And gorgeously worded, in its own right. (Click the links, it expands out into other, equally lovely essays and riffs.)

How Following Authors on Twitter Enhances my Reading (BookRiot)

“I’ve found that following authors has made me feel like I have a front row seat for the secret (or widely broadcast to thousands) lives of the people who make the books.”

Yes. Absolutely. And so many authors are so responsive, and delightful and kind to fans and readers on Twitter that it makes me enjoy their books even more. By no means do I need this from an author to enjoy a book, but it’s always an added bonus.

My socks are Internet famous!  (Mildly.) This week has been Sock Week on the Librarian Wardrobe Blog.I love socks almost as much as I love libraries. So I’ve been admiring the socks and, I admit, seething with envy of others’ sock style a time or two. Here are my app socks. (I may also have submitted every other pair of socks I wore this week. I may have frightened the blog moderators with my level of sock enthusiasm. Whoops.)

App socks! Librarian Academic library New York, NY

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