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April 18, 2016

There must be a word for “spending more time browsing book lists and adding to TBR list than actually reading.”

Biblio-gluttony is my best guess. Or shelf-shopping? If it becomes a drawn-out process that slides into a reading slump, call it “my bookshelf has nothing to wear.”

I strongly suspect, though, that the term for the phenomenon is one of two things:

  • Book reviewer
  • Librarian

Lucky me, I’m doubly blessed with tantalizing book lists to peruse.

I can justify it ever so well: staying up to date on forthcoming titles helps me be better at both my library work and my book reviewing.

There are so many wonderful resources available! Reviews abound on Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, or even in Twitter’s bite-size various galley chats. And those are just the organized sources, not counting GoodReads or a general browse of Twitter or various bookish blogs.

We’re days away from Dewey’s Readathon, so my book gluttony is at a particularly interested pitch. My TBR list seems to be increasing daily.

I want to know about all the new, shiny books so I can have a lovely stockpile of books, no, a veritable nest of unread titles, to satisfy my every whim on my bookish spa weekend. To say nothing about what’s likely to happen in the weeks following, as I catch up on all my fellow Dewey readers’ blogs and book recommendations.

It’s easier and faster to browse books than read them: moments of easily distracted attention, caught by whatever bright new whim has arrived. Like having heaps and heaps of wrapped presents waiting to be opened.

With all this bookish avarice, it’s a miracle that my resolution not to buy books has held steady. Fortunately, most of my book browsing has been confined to the virtual: advance review copies on NetGalley and Edelweiss, punctuated sometimes by a frantic hunt through various library systems to find the paper or e-book I’m in the mood to read greedily and right this minute.

So, the good news is, I’m not buying books. The guilty news is that I haven’t so much been reading down my existing TBR pile. The reverse, in fact: increasing my hoard.

I might be a book dragon.


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