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Ready for the #Readathon: Reminiscing

April 19, 2016


It’s entirely possible that I’ve been looking forward to the upcoming Dewey’s 24-Hour-Readathon since February. Or October of last year… or since I started grad school in 2012.

I’ve really, really missed having my “bookish spa weekend.” Cozy in my parents’ house, with a stack of books and a pile of snacks, having a virtual slumber party with a great community of readers.

My first Read-a-Thon was in April of 2011. (Before library school was even a fully-formed plan. Wow, that’s strange to think about.) I stayed up and read for most of the 24 hours, to the subsequent amazement of my grandma and her friends. Fun memories to revisit, of books and snacks and zaniness and social media and very long naps.

I did it again in October, and then school intervened, to make my Readathon experience a more truncated one. No more reading all night, but still trying to snatch at least a few hours reading fiction and lounging about with snacks.

I blogged about the Readathon when I was working as a business books publicist. (Possibly confusing legions of business book readers, and definitely entertaining my coworkers.)

Participating halfway gave me mixed, wistful feelings. Better than missing it altogether, but still. Did being a student and a hardworking librarian mean giving up my midnight blogging and book shenanigans?

This weekend, I’m going to do it up in as much Readathon style as I can manage.

I got into the act on the main Dewey blog, writing a post on Readathon Prep Tips

I’m heading to the ancestral home, to be fed by my parents and stick my nose in a book. Bliss!

Bring on the stacks of books, the pile of snacks, and the international slumber party.

I’ve even got the T-shirt.

Let’s Dewey this.

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  1. April 21, 2016 6:38 pm

    I’ll be working at the library Saturday from 830-2, but after that, it’s Readathon time! So excited. Wishing you lots of good reading. 🙂

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