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#Readathon Eve

April 22, 2016

There are almost 2000 participants gearing up for tomorrow, Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. All over the world, readers are preparing snacks and treats, admiring the intriguing stacks of books in their TBR piles, making sure their favorite reading corner is cozy with just the right pillows. Some are charging e-reader devices. Some readers are setting alarms for start times in the wee hours.

As you know, I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for ages. I’ve had maybe just as much fun this week in anticipation as I plan to have once things get started tomorrow.

In the days leading up, I’m reminded how much I enjoy and value the connections the Readathon makes. I spend time exploring bookish blogs, and leaving comments to say hi. I started following the #readathon hashtag on Twitter and the official Goodreads group on Monday. Seeing TBR piles and snacks and much-anticipated reads only fed my excitement.

…And my TBR pile.

In addition to the new connections I’m seeking out with readers on social media, I’m starting to see some great recommendations of books you can read in one sitting. Stashing these here, and going to add to this, because I bet this will be just what I need the next time I’m in a reading slump.

There’s no right way to Readathon.

Some will blog. Some will Tweet.Some will read for hours on end. Some will snatch moments. Some will read several books. Some, only a few pages. For some, it’s a social day of blogging and Twitter and reaching out across the bookish Internet. For some, a cozy and engrossed reading day.

Wherever, however long and however much you choose to make the day bookish:

For those about to read… We salute you.

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  1. April 22, 2016 11:13 pm

    I know what you mean, it’s crazy how many new blogs I’ve starting following over the last few days. I didn’t realise how many people were doing it! It’s going to be so much fun 🙂
    Here’s my planning post if you’re interested:

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