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April 26, 2016

This was going to be a more wide ranging odds-and-ends link post… and it wound up having a lot about Prince.

I’m not a dedicated Prince fan. I knew a handful of radio songs, and heard stories here and there that I liked. Can’t argue with someone who shares my fondness for anything purple. But that’s being more flip than I need to be. His performances and lyrics celebrated individuality, love, sexiness and whimsy. He was a comic book superheroHe made quiet donations to a public library.

Here’s the story behind the symbol font and how it was stored and distributed.

The real fans and musical colleagues are saying it better than I am.

Some lovely and poignant Tweets went out.

I’ve been wondering what might happen to the reported thousands of unreleased tracks Prince has in his vault. USA Today proffers a set of answers to some of the questions, including the question of whether he had a will. Over at Wired, some insights into copyright, music and musicians’ estates, well explained. (Including commentary from Siva Vaidhyanathan, whose perspective I remember enjoying, a lot, when I was working on a paper about copyright and e-books. I should go back and read more of his writing.)

Here’s what I hope happens with Prince’s unreleased music: Whether there are complete albums, I hope that at least some of the more unfinished music is released under some kind of Creative Commons license, for other artists to remix, use, be inspired, and create something new. Keep the celebration going and transforming.

From what I understand, that seems like an idea Prince might like.

Meanwhile, and belatedly, I could use an education in Prince’s music. I’ve got my reading list set, thanks to BookRiot

Where do I start? Greatest hits? A specific album? YouTube?

I remember watching his Superbowl performance and being impressed. If you haven’t seen it, you should.



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