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Odds and Ends 4/29/16

April 29, 2016

First off, a Libguide for Beyonce’s new album, Lemonade. The LibGuide gets special mention for two reasons: one, a nod to the intersection of librarianship and pop culture, and two, Jenny Ferretti, the creator of the guide, was a classmate of mine at Pratt. And now I am in awe of her.

Welcome to libraryland, readers of the New Yorker:  Weeding the Worst Library Books. I’d have introduced this with “Welcome to my world,” but I don’t get to weed at either of my library jobs nearly as much as my ruthless heart would like. (I am, regrettably, far less ruthless with my own crowded shelves. Oops.)

I wish I could make all the students who write in the library read this: Planners vs Pantsers, on the question of outlining vs discovery writing. from Glen Luen Yang, the Current National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. (Discovery writing is, I gather similar to my admonishment to essay writers to get the “smashy smashy” first draft going.)

Earlier this week, I realized that I don’t cook nearly as much as my bookshelf crammed with foodie lit would seem to indicate. It’s more fun to read M.F.K. Fisher than to make dinner. I admire Hannah Engler for drawing cooking inspiration from M.F.K. Fisher.

From rags to wood pulp to riches: Good read from the JSTOR blog on how cheaper paper helped create mass media publishing. The headline they went with was “Pulp Nonfiction,” and I think mine’s better. So there.

From the “I Love Everything About This” Department: Andrew Luck, quarterback and “unofficial librarian” of the Indianapolis Colts, is starting a book club. Two, actually: one for kids that begins with Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli; and for adults, Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. I’ll be interested to see what he picks next.




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