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Odds and Ends 5/20/16

May 20, 2016

What’s this? Another Odds and Ends post, a day after the previous one?

Why yes, yes it is.

image of daybed on screened porch

It’s a daybed. And also a swing. On a porch!

Today is a beautiful day. I love working at the library, but I wish I were in an outdoor reading nook.

Today is also the day before ALA Libraries Readathon Day. A little less sleep-deprived than my most recent Readathon experience, but reading socially, for a good cause? I’m in!

Even if what I’m reading makes me thoughtful and angry, as these next two items do:

What does it mean when we call women “girls?” is a question worth asking. And thinking about. And asking more questions, about casual misogyny for instance.

Libraries organize information. Libraries shape understanding. Libraries are political. Still not convinced? Read about the two-word subject heading that has turned into a political battle. Subject headings shape meaning, and could shape attitudes for the better. It’s frustrating to see obstruction and pushback.

Okay. Deep breaths. I love the library. I am envisioning myself in a lovely scenic reading hammock. I can’t do anything about changing Subject Headings. What can I do? Read more. Learn things.

I haven’t read Between the World and Me by Ta-Nahesi Coates, yet. I should. I should also read books from his list of 13 Recommended Books.

Do overused words lose their meaning? Good question. And good reminder to watch out for jargony words that sound good, like “ontological,” which I had to look up every time I encountered it in grad school. And I still don’t know what it means.

Mrs. Obama Saves the Cardigan as a fashion item. If you say so, NPR… I thought we could credit the inherent coolness of librarians. Now everyone wants to dress, and shop, like us. Even the FLOTUS.

Speaking of the inherent coolness of librarians: Librarian music videos are always wonderful. Except, now I have “Call Me, Maybe” stuck in my head. With better lyrics, but still.

What are you reading this week?

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