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Dispatches from #LibraryLife: Finals Edition

May 27, 2016

The end of the term at my respective libraries comes about a week apart, so it’s been final projects and studying and last minute panic in libraryland for close to a month, between my two campuses.

Some glimpses:

So many citations! So many! I’m pretty sure my dreams were italicized last night, with parentheses around inline citations.

I really like cheering students on when they turn in final projects. Some of them like the encouragement. I think some of them probably think I’m grinning like a great big loon, and they question my sanity. I can’t help myself.

At least one student has taken my writing advice of “smashy smashy” to heart, to the point where he greets me with “Hey! Smashy smashy!” It’s become a battle cry, of sorts.

A student just printed out three copies of her final paper: one for her teacher, and one for her mom, and one for her grandma. Her family wanted to read her paper and see her success.

Three students I’d been working with all term came by the library to see me and crow that they’d done well with their final grades. There were excited hugs. It made my day/week/semester/life.

I have told a student that online shoe shopping was exactly the same as database searching. Not sure I convinced her.

I’m going to miss my student assistant. She’s a treasure because she’s dedicated and smart (and explains algebra to struggling students so I don’t have to.) Especially in the later hours, things can get a bit silly at the circ desk. Wound up talking about fish and frogs and duck biology somehow, late Monday night. (Am pretty sure this was my fault, for quoting W.C. Fields.) She says I make her laugh so hard her abs hurt. I feel that I have realized a key goal as a supervisor.

I am trying to convince students that if they can say “Fight me,” at the end of their thesis statement, it’s  a good thesis statement.

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  1. Sel permalink
    June 24, 2016 11:00 pm

    I love this post! I just graduated from university and couldn’t have done it with so many people. Love seeing the flip side of the relationships through your post.

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