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Odds and Ends 5/28/16

May 28, 2016

Google has an AI trying to understand people’s syntax. They have called the thing Parsey McParseface. I saw this news item last week, and it’s still making me giggle.

Not-funny computer news: The Pentagon will begin phasing out the floppy disks it’s been using to run the nation’s nuclear defense system. Sometime next year. An excerpt:

“The floppy disks are associated with a nuclear-communications system that was unreliable even when the system was upgraded in the 1970s,” says Bruce Blair, a former Air Force ICBM launch-control officer


A charming teachable moment about togetherness, Somali food, and learning. Also, a banana.

For Our Light Affliction, a short story by Stephen S. Power (author of The Dragon Round)

Timely: Parsing, and visualizing, the language of Commencement Speeches. All of the hope, inspiration, visions for future greatness, visualized. (Tee hee, parsing!)

Libraries Are My Safe Space is a lovely meditation on the power of a library to soothe anxiety. I agree. They’re my safe space too.

On Muppets & Merchandising is a fascinating look at the business of Jim Henson’s creations. Also/earlier by the same author Weekend at Kermie’s  speaks to something that’s been bugging me for years about life after Jim Henson.

Books written by librarians. From Abebooks (and thanks to Uncle Steve for finding this!)




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