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Odds and Ends 6/14/16

June 14, 2016

A #PulseOrlando Syllabus compiled by librarians and teachers. Evolving as a GoogleDoc in real time. Good resource for the immediate aftermath, and for GLBTQIA+ resources in general. Mostly, I’m impressed with how well, and swiftly this project came together.

Pretty sure most of the Internet has seen this by now, but I thought it was beautiful: Lin Manuel Miranda’s Tony Awards Sonnet:  “Love Is Love Is Love Is Love”

More on Hamilton and Burr… and their reading habits at the New York Society Library. Clever bit from The New Yorker from last week. Also fascinating: the New York Society Library has its first circulation ledger available for browsing. It’s a delightful intersection between two of my favorite things: oddities of New York history and libraries.

“I think you’d like these articles from the New York Times,” says Tom S., a professor friend from one of my academic institutions:

Tom’s right. Both of these articles fascinated me. I do love learning about forensics and the world its practitioners inhabit, what draws them there, how they work with, and around the place of death in society.

The most frequently stolen books from bookstores and libraries.

Both introverts and extraverts get exhausted from too much socializing.” I did not need Scientific American to tell me this, necessarily. Interesting to see it as a study, though. And important to remember that “too much” is a moving target, from person to person and day to day.

A fascinating history of  the apricot from npr’s blog.

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