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Live-Tweeting a Book: A Love Story

July 1, 2016

Can I just say how much I love reading in the age of Twitter?

Jotting a few notes on Twitter can happen with the ease, speed and brevity of a note in the margin, with the added benefit of being able to share the note, and continue the conversation. When authors join the conversation, it becomes even more fun.

Of course, it’s not mandatory, never mandatory, that an author engage with me on Twitter when I’m blithering about their book.

Sure is fun, though.

With The Dragon Round, I happened to know the author beforehand, as we’d become friends while both working at AMACOM.

(There were also Twitter messages back and forth, which I can’t share here, as character names, and spoiler-y events are mentioned. They included wailing at Stephen over lost sleep, nearly-missed subway stops, and certain decisions about characters. He displayed an excellent lack of remorse.)

As many readers know, I’m a huge fan of the Billy Boyle series by James Benn.

Yes, the series is right in my sweet spot for character-driven historical mystery with heart and solid friendships. And the mysteries stand up to rereading. Which I am doing, now. I’m sure I’d enjoy them, even if I’d had no interactions with the author.

That said, I also know that James Benn is a kind soul, generous with his fans both online and off. (Also, a former librarian, so cool!) Does that influence how much I enjoy his books? Maybe.

I know that part of the enjoyment of re-reading has been Tweeting as I read.


So yes… Tweeting while reading has become a new part of enjoying a reading experience. I’m glad I can reach out and tell an author I’m enjoying a book, or reading a specific scene. And Tweets that become a conversation are really, really fun. (Not an obligatory part of my reading enjoyment, never that. I’m sure authors must feel pressure to be constantly on social media and interacting with fans. I’m sure that happens on an exhausting scale, as part of expanding their reach. And I bet that can get really weird.)

So this is a thank you, to Stephen S. Power, James R. Benn, Lauren Willig, Daniel José Older, and all the other authors writing, and Tweeting and connecting with readers.

It’s a treat.

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  1. July 1, 2016 7:06 pm

    I know what you mean, it’s amazing when an author replies to a tweet about their book! And getting a cool insight into what the author was thinking at the time is amazing 🙂

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