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Hodgepodge 7/29/16

July 29, 2016

I’d been calling these link roundups Odds and Ends. Have decided I like Hodgepodge better. Fun to type, fun to say. Here, have a hodgepodge.

International libraries give me wanderlust

Libraries in the Czech Republic

My parents just got back from a cruise around the Baltic Sea. Of course, they paid special attention to visiting libraries, bringing  back photos and tales for their librarian daughter.

The National Library of Finland, pictured below.

image of the interior of the National Library of Finland

National Library of Finland, by Dad

More from Dad’s blog:

In Oslo, they’re working on  a new version of the current Deichman Library. “Hailed by many as a deichmanske-bibliotek-01.jpglibrary of the future’, New Deichman will be much more than just a library. While seeking to be Norway’s most important arena for literature, the project also looks to become a center of knowledge for the capital’s citizens as well as a host of cultural experiences that are accessible to everyone.” It’s going to look like a spaceship that landed in the harbor. It’s supposed to open sometime this year.

And in Copenhagen, there’s the spectacular “Black Diamond” library that opened in 1999.It’s more than a library — there’s a 600-seat auditorium, the Queen’s Hall, used for concerts—mainly chamber music240px-SHL_-_Black_Diamond.jpg and jazz—literary events, theatrical performances and conferences. There are also exhibition spaces, a bookshop, a restaurant, a café and a roof terrace. Two museums are based in the Black Diamond, the National Museum of Photography and a small museum dedicated to cartoon art

Finally, in Stockholm, everyone got worked up six years ago about their new library. They announced an architectural competition that drew 1,170 entries, and a German architect Heike Hanada was declared the winner with her proposal Delphinium. Although Hanada was instructed to produce preliminary plans for the project’s realisation, the extension was put on hold in late 2009. Maybe they’ll restart it in time for our grand library-and-opera house tour in a couple years.

I have talented friends

Chasing Waldorf’s history as it becomes history itself A New York Times profile of Deidre Dinnigan, the archivist for the Waldorf Astoria, and a classmate of mine from Pratt, doing a great job working with a fascinating collection. How cool is this? Go Deidre!

Fencing photos taken by Russ Voss  at Stab in the Dark, an outdoor fencing event in the Hudson Valley. I love all of these, and it was hard to pick a favorite. Check this one out, though.

photo of two fencers against a stormy sky

Photo by Russ Voss

Various nifty things

Friday Reads in the Digital Library from JSTOR Weekly  themed book roundup, annotated with interesting articles. Great way to talk about, and publicize books lists. (Good outreach idea for an academic library, too.) I have a huge crush on JSTORDaily, the blog JSTOR runs to highlight the articles and oddities in its collection, and this just reinforces it. Love!

Savage Chickens delights me.


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