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Book Swap 2016

August 27, 2016

Once again, thank you to Emily and Chris for hosting their annual Book Swap, a marvelous gathering of friends, books, snacks, books, and general merriment. And books!

Mid-summer, the invite goes out, I mark my calendar and start looking over my bookshelves with a jaundiced eye. What can go? What will my friends like?

This morning found me playing book-Tetris, trying to find a way to jam books into a wheeling bag, and the spillover into my sturdiest backpack, to make the journey uptown.

As always, Emily and Chris had given their living room over to snacks and space for people to hang out, catch up and chat… and the bedroom became the book scavenging zone, the bed arrayed with books spine-up, as well as piled on tables and windowsills elsewhere in the room.


This is just a glimpse, above.

This is  a group of friends I mostly only see en masse at the Book Swap, so it was also time to catch up, continue lapsed conversations (bookish and otherwise.) Because the Book Swap has been a yearly event for so long, some books are as much familiar faces as the people who brought them. “Oh hey, this one! I brought this two years ago!” was often heard.

Mindful of my own gigantic hoard of unread books at home (and multiple library cards), I tried, I really tried to be discerning. I was also looking out for books the students I work with might enjoy, so I grabbed a handful of classics and medical memoirs and such.

But I couldn’t quite say no to the ginormous Wodehouse collection, or to any of these lovely delights. 

A wonderful book swap day.

What to read tonight, what to read?

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  1. August 28, 2016 4:01 am

    You resisted well, I’m impressed! Even just looking at that pile I wanted to get more than you did 🙂 This is such a fun idea!

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