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Hodgepodge 9/26/16

September 26, 2016

Now that Carla Hayden is fully confirmed and getting settled in as the new Librarian of Congress, it’s time and past time for me to post about her. Here’s the NYT coverage. Here’s an interview from TIME, riffing on her role in the digital age, as well as what she’s reading now. Her favorite children’s book is Bright April by Marguerite de Angeli.

Jacket image, Bright April by Marguerite deAngeli


Banned Books Week

black and white socks with banned book titlesIs it that time of year already? Glad it’s finally cooled down enough for me to wear my Banned Books socks, as I ponder the supreme irony of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury being a Banned Book.

Another good hit from TIME on this one, taking the long view of What the List of Most Banned Books Says About Our Society’s Fears

The banning of books in prisons is especially sinister (via The Guardian.)

Bots & Books

Algorithms Could Save Book Publishing But Ruin Novels (via WIRED.) Yikes, on so many levels.

Could reading romance novels make Artificial Intelligence more human? I admire this piece from JSTOR Daily for acknowledging the joke aspect before treating this question more thoughtfully.

Delightful Oddities

Math concepts explained with crochet (via MentalFloss) were lovely but made my brain hurt.

Over the weekend, I got to explore Photoville. I can’t even explain the array of different exhibits on display (some NSFW)in containers. So I’ll leave you with this:

Rescue Pit Bulls with flowers on their heads.

Sophie Gamand Photography

image of a pit bull dog wearing a flower garland

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