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Trick or #Readathon?

October 18, 2016

imgres-1The Readathon took me by surprise for October. It shouldn’t have taken me by surprise. I know it’s always in April and October. I have prepping for the Readathon down to a science, from snacks to book stacks.

Not that I have even begun to think about any of this prep for the current Readathon.

Because the Readathon snuck up on me. Lots going on. Work stuff: new semester, lots of projects from curriculum design to helping out with an e-book launch, information literacy tutoring, student questions. Life stuff: projects, frolics. How is it mid-October already? And I haven’t even made soup yet, this fall? Or planned for the Readathon!

As luck would have it, there are all sorts of enticing events to lure me away from my reading nest this Saturday. Given a chance to be social and enjoy fall weather, I definitely want to make time for that, no matter how much fun it is to curl up and read and connect with fellow Readathon folks more virtually. Having outdoor frolics that eat into my Readathon time is, after all, a fun problem to have.My parents are out of town next weekend, so no decamping to the ancestral home for a bookish spa weekend. (The Readathon snuck up on them, too.)

Another wrinkle: the demise of my Kindle. Or, rather, its departure to parts unknown. On Saturday, I was reading on the subway, pleased with all the errands I’d accomplished. Yesterday afternoon, I ransacked all my various bags and apartment corners… No Kindle. It must have fallen out of my bag in my schlepping hither and yon. Cue swearing, self-recriminations, fist shaken at universe. On the plus side, it was straightforward to report it missing, unlink the device from my account, and even order a new one. I was kind of hoping there was a replacement discount through the warranty, but no joy. Sigh. I will eat the replacement cost as an Idiot Tax, and learn my lesson about juggling e-reader vs that many various shopping bags.

Decently easy to remedy: once the New Kindle is here and powered up, I’ll have the books right where I left them. But, argh. This, too, cuts into my Readathon-anticipating zen. Grumble.

I think this might be a Readathon weekend I expand to fit my own schedule. Forget Saturday. I’m starting Friday night, after work. I’ll have dinner with my book, and stretch out for the evening. I’ll cavort about on social media in between my real-world cavorting. And I’ll bring a book with me to read in between frolics. (Possibly a paper book, so as not to tempt fate unduly. Or, a new Kindle stuck in a more secure pocket. Sigh.)

Update: New plan- not starting on Friday, as I don’t want to miss seeing the Hamildoc. With friends, the better to learn, sing along, and revel in being the Hamiltrash that I am.

On the positive side, I still have plenty of time to decide what to read next. And time to line up some tasty snacks.

Happy Readathon, to the binge-readers and the book-browsers, to the prepared and the spontaneous, the social and the solitary.

Enjoy the Readathon in whatever spirit moves you!

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  1. Sally Allen permalink
    October 18, 2016 4:17 pm

    This is a beautiful piece. I love that you’re planning to start on Friday so you can leave room for in-real-life connecting and enjoying the season. Hope you have a happy Saturday no matter how you spend it!

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