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Hodgepodge 10/20/16

October 20, 2016

Penguin boss admits the company read too much into the e-book hype. (Telegraph)


Behold,  my shocked face.

“There was a definite moment when we all went shooting out after the shiny app thing and spent money on that and invested probably unwisely in products that we thought could in some way enhance the book.

“We somehow lost confidence in the power of the word on the page, which was a bad moment.”

I shouldn’t snark this too hard, as tech is shiny and seductive, and the move to make it ubiquitous is understandable. I’m just relieved that the human brain pushes back to cling to paper, honestly.

Libraries’ responsibilities to tangible books are not without problems. Good read from Public Libraries Online about preservation and discoverability and trying to keep up.:

Mostly, it falls to our national libraries such as the Library of Congress to collect all the books. This works if everyone registers for copyright, as a book or books are to be placed in the LC as part of the copyright process. This kind of preservation won’t work any longer now with eBooks and the cost of changing an address for single book authors. It will be up to consortia to figure out who collects what.

Authors’ Other Jobs is a fun read (BookRiot) with bonus tatties. I said TATties, as in Scottish potatoes, you filthy-minded imaginary reader!

A night in Dracula’s Castle, complete with Bram Stoker’s descendants, and sleeping in a coffin. (DailyDot) My parents live next to a graveyard, so I’m not sure I need to enter a contest to get that funereal vibe, thanks.

Movie Poster for The Monster Squad movieIn a similar vein (see what I did there) 38 Facts About Frankenstein (MentalFloss) which includes a nod to Monster Squad, the very best monster movie in the world.

Libraries and Librarians respond to the Scary Clown Epidemic.  Please note, I will not be reading any of these scary “clownpocalypse” books, thank you very much. But it’s a useful and timely reference for book displays, I guess. Still: yikes.

Archiving the Inventor of the Archive (JSTOR Daily) made me want to go back to grad school and study Archives. Maybe someday.


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