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Hodgepodge 11/8/16

November 8, 2016

This is my attempt to distract myself on a fraught, stressful day for U.S. politics.

Here’s why elections are held on Tuesdays (via mentalfloss)

And that’s all the politics I’m posting tonight.

For those needing fluff: ZooBorns  (baby zoo beasties)

For those who like their cuteness more surreal: Zoo Portraits

Deep neural network learns to judge books by their covers. What the mistakes say about genres’ overlap is fascinating from a Readers Advisory point of view. (via MIT Technology Review h/t to Russ.)

A library that brings books by sailboat to Indonesian islands. The ingenuity and sheer delight of this made me smile. (via BBC Travel.)

Science experiments with leftover Halloween candy (via NPR). I brought all of mine to the library, so I can’t do these, but they look like fun.

With poetry on my mind, and Veteran’s Day coming up, a Spotlight on War Poets from My Poetic Side, including many who were new to me. (Thanks to Julian for tipping me off to these.)

Gillian Anderson is writing a feminist tome to help mentor teen girls. Now, all I need is a time-traveling alien to go back in time to give this to my X-Files-obsessed 15-year-old self. Yes, I realize time-traveling aliens are from the wrong franchise. Don’t care.

Bookstore owner discovers grumpy reviews inside donated books. 



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