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Quirky and Comforting Blogs

December 12, 2016

Here are some offbeat and congenial blogs to offer respite from the relentless toxicity of the news. (Had I been smarter, I would have posted this months ago, to take the edges off the election news cycle.)

I can vouch for these blogs being fun, offbeat, good reads to help boost your spirits and offer sanctuary from a tough (news) day. Some references to the current and future political atmosphere can happen, but they’ve largely been from a place of hope and haven’t left me a quivering, anxious mess.

These are all blogs full of short to medium reads and link lists, a good length to help you catch your breath or resettle your spirit.

BookRiot is, as you might guess, about books, reading, and all things bibliophile. Riffs on favorite books that will bring nostalgic smiles, news of the bookish world, essays about the reading life. Recently: Books That Remind Girls They Can Do Anything

BrainPickings skews towards slightly longer reads, for a thoughtful, meditative mood. History, science, interviews. It leaves me feeling happy, and smarter. Recently: Best Science Books of 2016

Fireside Fiction publishes all kinds of imaginative stories.Dragons, magic, whimsy. Spooky, fantastic horror. Good stuff, with a good, decent heart at the center of it, no matter how many monsters are involved.

I’ve  been reading MentalFloss since forever. Short, quirky articles on all kinds of topics, and random facts in the masthead. Did you know that sea otters hold hands so they can’t drift apart? Or that a California town drops a piano every year, just for fun?

The NYPL blog feed riffs nicely on their collections, their exhibitions, and other timely topics.

The folks at JSTOR run JSTOR Daily, a blog full of pithy, readable articles connecting the scholarly articles in their databases to current events, in a deft, and fun way. I wish more databases did this. Recently: Friday Reads- Avi.

News from a few decades (or centuries) ago doesn’t sting quite so much. I’m a big fan of the Bowery Boys podcast about New York history, and their blog is great fun as well.

When the news makes me skittish, I read features. NPR’s feature-driven Arts and Life blogs please me, especially The Salt, their foodie blog. Recently: How just 8 flavors have defined American cuisine.

That’s a start.

What blogs do you turn to when you need a respite or a smile?

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  1. December 13, 2016 1:28 pm

    One of my favorite blogs/Podcasts is NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour: It’s a fun way to hear about movies, TV shows, books, and music.

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