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Library holds and Murphy’s Law

December 17, 2016

All my holds came in at the library at once.C92D5D23-10DA-4205-9860-63528E5F70EA.JPG


And then it happened again.

Yes, some of these are repeats/renewals, as my stack increases.

Since taking this picture, I have finished Nimona, by Noelle Stephenson, which was terrific. Highly recommend. I need to write a book review.


I’m convinced Murphy’s Law is in play.

I felt almost sheepish adding to my armfuls of library books and checking the new books out on top of the ones I already had. But the librarian didn’t tease me, much.

The holidays are, of course, a great time to lounge around and read.

Except, I have a thing about taking library books with me when travel is involved (to say nothing of jamming them into my travel bag alongside presents and cozy sweaters.) I feel like that invites the disaster of a lost book, too far from its home.

So, adding to the pre-holiday errands: return my books to their home library.

After setting up a hold at the library near my parents’ place, for these very same books.

Which I did. And they’re starting to come in.

All at once.

Life is good.

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  1. December 18, 2016 7:19 am

    I used to have the same problem until I discovered I can delay my holds request until a later date. This way I still get the holds but they are staggered.

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