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Book Review: The Marvels

December 24, 2016

Cover image, Marvels by Brian SelznickThe Marvels
By Brian Selznick
(Library Book)

This was lovely, and devastating, and devastatingly lovely. Not at all what I was expecting. Better than I was expecting. I had high expectations, yes, but what I expected was something fantastic in all possible senses: the magical sense as well as the positive sense.
And that is definitely what I got.

I was delightfully surprised, beginning to page through, seeing lovely charcoal illustrations. It’s left to the reader to piece together the first parts of the story from the charcoal drawings. Glimpses of a stormy sea, an angel, a shipwreck, theaters.

A family legacy carried out and passed down across centuries.

And then, as I’ve paged through the pictures to a certain point, there’s a narrative that took me, again and again, by surprise. In the way its characters evolved and the way the pictures of the first story wove into it.

Lovely stuff.

Why haven’t I read Brian Selznick before?

Definitely putting him on the To Read, and To Own In Hardcover list. Because returning this to the library is going to hurt.

Here’s a lovely book trailer that somewhat captures the experience of the book.


If you need me, I’ll be curled up in a corner, paging through the lovely illustrations. Again.

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