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Bookish Resolutions 2017

January 3, 2017

Starting the New Year with the tail end of a long break, and the tail end of a cold has decidedly put a crimp in my usual New Year’s Resolution mojo.

I know that it would be smart to use the time to get organized, fueled by the resolution fervor. Clean off my desk, conquer dust bunnies organize papers and clothes and prep meals and do errands and and read all the things in my TBR pile and and and and….

I feel that Allie Brosh handles this state of mind beautifully in This is Why I’ll Never Be An Adult, one of the excellent comics from Hyperbole and a Half.

This bit describes my current mental state.

responsibility12alternate2It’s raining. I’m trying to get rid of the last of a cold.

I’m blogging pretty much expressly to give myself permission not to clean all the things today, nor to read all the things, or do all the errands and chores. Nor will I sign up for all the reading challenges ever.

The new year always brings some good opportunities for reading resolutions, given a competitive edge with reading challenges.

The Litsy network is running Read A to Z: one book title or author for every letter of the alphabet.

Read Harder from Book Riot (I like the emphasis on reading more diversely here.)

The challenge I should embrace the most is likely a riff on my usual no-buying-books resolution: #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks. Tackling the towering pile of books currently in my orbit and on my shelves and Kindle.

Which dovetails nicely with goals of not leaving the house on this rainy day when I’m supposed to be getting rid of my cold and taking it easy.

The new year also makes me want to take on a classic work of literature. I’m delighted to find that there’s an app for that! Serial Reader. Daily, bite-sized chunks of the classic of your choice, delivered to your device. This is good, because the daily portions will help me override the panicky feeling of wanting to get it all done at once. I’ve started with The Three Musketeers, which has 90 sections. Will see how that goes.

Also going to make a semi-bookish resolution, in the form of getting better about doing professional development stuff… time to dig into webinars and other continuing education opportunities to get my librarian skills sharper. Again, making time for webinars is even reasonably compatible with making time for not leaving the house on this rainy day. So yay!

To sum up my resolutions for 2017:

  1. Don’t buy new books.
  2. Read my own damn books
  3. Read more diversely wherever possible.
  4. When inevitably breaking Resolution #1, shop at independent bookstores.
  5. Read classics via Serial Reader
  6. Do more professional development self-study to boost librarian skillset

What are your reading resolutions?

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  1. Tanja permalink
    January 3, 2017 4:57 pm

    Serial Reader seems like a great app, I’l have to try it. I hope you enjoy The Three Musketeers, it’s one of my favorite classics 🙂
    Reading my own damn books is one of my resolutions too. Also reread some books that I’ve been meaning to reread for ages and catch up on reading ARCs.

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