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Hodgepodge 2/9/17

February 9, 2017

I have a snow day! And so you get a hodgepodge!

I am spending my cozy day catching up on books (finished two I’ve been in the middle of, so far) and my blog, and making soup.

From the “I’m proud to be a librarian” department:

Librarians take up arms against fake news (Seattle Times) Across the country, schools and colleges are helping students develop the critical thinking skills to evaluate fake news and other information on the Internet.

And this amazing display, which I’d love to see duplicated and/or turned into handouts to spread far and wide. (h/t to Gomez for sending this my way.)


Interesting news item: teens who vandalized a historic black schoolhouse in Virginia are being sentenced to read, and write book reports, on a diverse range of books. I’m torn between really appreciating the insight into hate crimes as a crime of lack of empathy that the books may help remedy, and being cautious about the part that conflates the reading list with punishment. Over at BookRiot, a discussion of what would happen if that kind of sentence were more widely applied.

I’ll be candid, I’m probably not going to read most of the books on NYPL’s list of books to read while you’re waiting for your hold to come in on 1984 by George Orwell. I read to escape, and to soothe my soul.

The history of Little Golden Books brought back memories as well as teaching me things I had no idea about. (via MentalFloss)

If there’s snow swirling outside your window, I hope you’re cozy and warm and enjoying a good book. What are you reading?

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