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Hodgepodge 2/18/17

February 18, 2017


Time for another hodgepodge!

A bookshop bar? I love this idea. I want one.

How one British soldier turned a parlor game into “Clue.”

Scottish Wikipedia is just like Wikipedia. In Scots. Dad found this gem:

And I looked up “poetry” because I’m not predictable. At all.

  • A makar in Scots leeteratur is a poet or bard, aften pairt o the ryal coort. The wird makar refers tae the craft o writin poetry (keek at scop forby).
  • For ordinar the Scots Makars refers til a Scots leid leeterar genre o the late Middle Ages.
  • In modren Scotland, The Scots Makar (cutty mak: The Makar) is the Scots’ naitional poet, appyntit by the Scots Pairlament, an the equeevalent o the English Poet Laureate. Syne 2004, the Makar haes been Edwin Morgan.

Speaking of Scottish folklore: Coexisting with the faeries who have taken up residence at your university (found by Lisa, who knows my love of Tam Lin by Pamela Dean.

From School Library Journal Graphic novels for fans of March by John Lewis  (which I still need to read)

Truth from a fellow Pratt alum and librarian colleague.

Working my way through the archives of a webcomic called 4am Shower. It’s remarkably sweet and lovely.

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