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Book, Baking and Music Synergy

March 16, 2017

Been on a Daniel José Older reading kick, ever since I realized Battle Hill Bolero had come out, and I hadn’t even started Midnight Taxi Tango, which I bought on my Kindle last year. Last year, man! (This is the problem with an e-reader… a book can get buried kicking around on your Kindle, while you get all distracted by new library e-book and paper book holds! Or maybe that’s just me.)

With Battle Hill Bolero next in line, I zoomed through Midnight Taxi Tango, enjoying getting back into Carlos’s world of ghosts, the dubious and scheming Council, gruesome monsters, and a narrative voice that’s both profane and lovely in its reverence for the realness of Brooklyn neighborhoods’ history. Thanks to a nicely timed snow day, I even got to finish Midnight Taxi Tango, more or less in a day. It may have been slightly Wednesday by the time I actually turned the last page… Good books at night are why morning coffee exists.

So I’m heading home on March 16th, eve of St. Patrick’s day, and some kind of rogue genetic memory reasserts itself: I want to bake Irish Soda Bread.

The guy working in the grocery store had no idea why they were out of buttermilk, just that people had been coming in and asking for it all day. So I went to the fancy grocery store I hate that place: the aisles are a labyrinth and I get cornered in the gluten-free pasta somewhere behind the kale chips and can’t find my way to anything I actually need. But, miraculously, they had buttermilk.

All of these digressions are to say that I spent this evening baking Irish Soda Bread and grooving along to Salsa Celtica, looking forward to getting back into the Bone Street Rumba world, to see how the final showdown of ghosts battling in Brooklyn was going to go down.

Wishing I could hear some of the music Older describes: his teen rap sensation King Impervious spitting out raunchy rap takedowns, Culebra, the thrash-metal-salsa band, or the wistful-sounding Spanish verses that show up as epigrams to lead into Bone Street Rumba books.
Tonight, as I bake soda bread, Salsa Celtica makes excellent music, to fit together the soda bread mood and the reading Daniel José Older mood. Here, listen to this!

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  1. March 16, 2017 9:21 pm

    “Good books at night are why morning coffee exists.” My sentiments exactly! I enjoyed your post. 😊

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