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Hodgepodge 3/23/17

March 23, 2017

Had a bit of a disgruntled day, trying to restore mental equilibrium with a hodgepodge of cheerful oddities.

9 Poets to Remember During Women’s History Month (My Poetic Side) Related- I need to get back into reading poetry. Call that a refrain, for me.

Look, up in the Sky: Margaret Atwood’s Angel Catbird returns (Washington Post, via Aunt Ruthanne) I hadn’t realized that Margaret Atwood wrote a comic book. I must read Angel Catbird 

Odd 19th-century board games (JSTOR Daily)

Jane Austen pranked her village with a fake marriage. Twice. (Flash24)

A fascinating long read on the plan for the death of Queen Elizabeth (Guardian) Yes, it’s strange, and a little morbid to think about. Great read though

On Chuck Berry and the birth of rock ‘n’ roll (Macleans)

11-year-old starts a club for young black boys to see themselves in books (HuffPo)

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