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Hodgepodge 4/10/17

April 10, 2017


Call this Hodgepodge: Family Edition. Dad found this tidbit.


Here’s another one from Dad

Since it’s National Library Week, What Do You Really Know About Your Librarian? asks Newsday. This piece is terrific, from stats on the libraries and staff on Long Island, through an overview of what it takes to become a librarian… and a roundup of some of the kinds of questions librarians get asked, about everything from book recommendations to how to make fake vomit. I would happily read an entire book of articles like this, going through as many library systems as possible.

Aunt Ruthanne found this: The University of Rochester acquires Susan B. Anthony letters found in an old barn

From ChrisL, this PSA for Librarians (entire Twitter thread is basically magical)

Thank you, family!

And a few more of my own finds:

Magnificent round-up of Library Myths, Busted from BookRiot  

I’m not surprised there was a Girl Scout Cookie shortage in World War II, but it was interesting to read about (via MentalFloss)

It’s a matter of time before a library patron says this to me:


I am 100% here for an article that asks “What does Taylor Swift have in common with Anne Sexton?”


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  1. April 19, 2017 11:55 am

    I am sure people had enough to worry about during WWII, and to not have their G.S. cookies, too? Oh my. 😦 I love this kind of pop culture info, so thanks for this!

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