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#Readathon Anticipation

April 28, 2017


Tomorrow is Dewey’s Readathon! One of my favorite weekends of the year.

And this spring, I’m doing it up right! I’m spending the weekend with my parents (“with” might be too strong a word, as I’m going to have my nose in a book for much of the weekend), alternating between catching up on my marvelous reading pile, eating tasty snacks, and prowling around various forms of social media.

It’s strange how a day of staying up far too late reading can be so restorative. Like a spa weekend. Can’t explain it, not going to question it.

I’ve done quite a few Readathons by now. So I have some idea of what I’ll want to read and snack on… sort of.

I have sent my (amazing, indulgent) parents a grocery list of the essentials:

Coffee with caffeine (they’re a decaf household)

Greek yogurt

Cucumbers and cheddar cheese (a combination I love dearly)

Hummus and veggies

Despite the fact that I’m getting on the bus to my parents’ place super early tomorrow morning, I’m still awake and trying to figure out my book pile. From many readathons past, I have a sense of the kind of things I need: lots of options of different genres. I hit a good groove reading faster paced things and bouncing between genres: suspenseful mystery, lighthearted and quirky YA or nonfiction, binge-reading a couple of books in a series. And I do best when I switch it up between Kindle and paper.

Despite the fact that my current stack of books checked out from the library is taller than knee height, I will not be bringing any of those books with me to read. I have a Thing about overnight travel and library books… I fear losing them or leaving them behind. Plus, they’re giant hardbacks, not great travel fare.84462E3D-B913-4081-A64E-51D95D176EE9.JPG

…. all my holds came in at once. Again.

So I have an alternate stack of books, culled from my “this has been sitting on my TBR pile for ages” stacks as well as more recent arrivals in paperback (the two Harlequins came from work. We’re doing a massive weeding of the romance section, and those were going to be discarded.):


There is also my Kindle, fully charged, and loaded with e-books, including a few e-books that duplicate the hardcover library books I’m leaving behind.

Yes, there are far too many books, even for a fast reader who can zip through 3-4 books with minimal sleep deprivation, in a good readathon.

I want to make sure I have choices, to help me keep a groove of being engrossed in books. Because I read so much by mood ad whim, that if I don’t get caught in my book, I get kind of cranky. Especially two or three books in.

I’m in the middle of a couple of books, so I’ll likely wind up finishing those to get the day launched:

When the Moon Was Ours by Anne-Marie McLemore

Thud by Terry Pratchett (audiobook)

And I know that I can always turn to Billy Boyle or Phryne Fisher rereads for a groove.

I should be in bed about an hour ago, but I have a lovely pile of books, and I am excited for the Readathon!

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