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#Readathon Masterpost

April 29, 2017

logo for Dewey's 24 Hour ReadathonIt’s Hour 4 already, and the first time I’m blogging. I got on a bus at just before the Readathon start time, clutching my coffee and my book and heading to my parents’ house.

I decided that, for every book I finish during this Readathon, it’ll be $2 for EveryLibrary.

So far, I’ve finished Thud! by Terry Pratchett on audiobook (technically, at 7ish AM, before the Readathon started. I’m going to count it.

Two hours of reading and scrolling through Twitter later, I was hugging my parents, catching up with them a bit, showing off my reading stash, and getting settled into a comfy chair to read more.

Book Cover, When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemoreIt’s a testament to how gorgeous my current read is that I haven’t been on the blog before just now. I’m currently reading When The Moon Was Ours, by Anna-Marie McLemore. The imagery and the turns of phrase are gorgeous. Lovely, wishing it was illustrated, fairy tale gorgeous, and also language that I want to read aloud. I started it on Monday, got a couple chapters in, and decided to save it and savor it today. Lovely, lovely book. And now I’m at the point where I’m torn between sitting absolutely still and zooming through the 45 minutes my Kindle tells me I have left, and forcing myself to pull back, because I think once I finish reading this, it’s so lovely that anything I read afterward will come as a shock.

Finished this book in Hour 7. And yes, it was absolutely lovely all the way through.

Might need to take a break for a while.

So have some bits from the blogosphere.


Give the Gift of Reading: Entomology of a Bookworm is asking commenters for bookish charities, and the prize will be $25 donated to your chosen charity. I love this. And of course, I picked EveryLibrary.

Meetup: Write a paragraph in which the main character from your current read and the main character from the book you’ve finished meet up. Oooh, I love this idea so much it might get its own post… after I finish reading When the Moon Was Ours. I need to think over how Sam and Sybil Vimes would do encountering Sam and Miel. That’s going to get to be its own, longer post, I think.

Hour 5: Still midway through When the Moon Was Ours and now it is time to read while eating one of my favorite sandwiches ever: The Jockey Creek Sandwich from Byrnes’ Deli.

How to make a Jockey Creek:

  • 1 hard roll
  • smoked turkey
  • Russian Dressing
  • Muenster Cheese.

I love this sandwich so, and get one every time I’m out here. But I never think to buy Russian Dressing or Muenster Cheese when I’m home, to make my own. That’s silly of me!

Hour 10:

Finished When the Moon Was Ours this afternoon, around hour 6ish, and it was so good that it gave me a good-book hangover. I needed a break! So I browsed in two books I had with me just for that purpose: The Bowery Boys’ book about New York City History, and an anthology of food writing edited by Mark Kurlansky (which my mother spotted, and then also started reading the second I put it down. The Readathon is a family affair.)

After a walk in the sunshine with my Dad, it was time for another book, and one of my favorite Readathon snack combinations: cucumbers and cheddar cheese slices. I’ve started reading Fallout, the first in Gwenda Bond’s series imagining Lois Lane as a modern high school student. I’m loving it, but also putting it down a bunch… because the plot about high school cyber-bullying and possibly also mind-control is almost too tense for me to read too much in one go!

Yes, I’m being lazy and reposting Tweets. Easier than trying to port over the pictures themselves, as I’m on a parental computer and Mom won’t let me install a different web browser. Minor difficulty.

The Hour 10 post from Dana, about mood reading and the TBR tower speaks to my very essence as a reader and a book lover.

I go into each readathon with a stack of possibilities. I am such a mood reader that I know I won’t stick with a specific TBR list but if I have several to choose from, I will find one that suit my mood.

Same here! And if I can’t click with a book I pick up, especially after finishing one I love, I get grumpy as heck. So it’s good to have a towering tower of options. Which I do. (We won’t talk about the library books I left at home.)

Thus far, my whims are working according to my past experience.

I need fast, engrossing reads to have the best fun in the Readathon, which means: genre novels, or novels with really lovely imagery. And I’ve learned from past experience to keep something good and short on hand, for browsing and sort of mental-palate cleansing. The Bowery Boys book, with short, funny takes on New York History is doing the trick nicely.

I don’t have one set genre for a good readathon. I skew towards YA a bit, as well as genre fiction, more for the faster, engrossing pace.

Hour 15: Finished my third book of the day, which was also the first one I read start-to-finish in one sitting: Fallout, by Gwenda Bond. It’s the first in a series that imagines Lois Lane as a high school student in Metropolis, trading online messages with an enigmatic friend known only as SmallvilleGuy. It’s set in the present day, and there are also references to online gaming and mind control. Good fun! Would recommend to teens, and would read subsequent books in the series.

Kind of wish I hadn’t finished a book right around the 10-11 PM hour, because now I’m all undecided, both with the third-book-choice slump that’s traditional to the readathon, and wondering if the lateness of the hour means I should try to sleep. Not that sleepy, though I don’t necessarily want a book so good I’ll be awake for hours yet.

Hanging out with parents and reading has been the best part. We talk about books, I’ve posed readathon challenge questions to them. We read bits of our books and Twitter aloud to each other. They’ve gone to bed. I remained undecided until 11, then took the Bowery Boys book to bed. Read until about midnight, and then called it a night. Woke up around 4, as usual, and listened to a bit of audiobook, before falling asleep til 8:30.

A successful Readathon, sociable with parents and with the Internet:

I finished 3 books (one start-to-finish and two others I’d started previously.) So that’s $6 extra set aside for EveryLibrary.

And a mental note that I need to write the April Reading Roundup post, since it’ll be May tomorrow, as well as the start of a busy week.

I participated in a whole bunch of challenges: I took pictures of my snacks, I took pictures of my book stacks, I took pictures of Dad making pasta. I saved one thoughtful challenge to play with later in the week.

I’ve got a couple more hours of weekend to read my book, and to browse blogs.

Hooray for the Readathon!

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