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Books Read For Charity: 2017

For every book I read this year, I’m sticking a dollar in a jar.

Or, to be more specific, a wee Rolling Stones lunch box. Because, I’m classy like that.


At the end of the year, I’m tallying up the total, and writing a check to EveryLibrary. Because, now more than ever, it seems like a sensible way to support libraries nationwide.

cropped-wp-header1I’ve done this before.

In 2011, Dad, Jocelyn and I raised $250 for the NYPL and $103 for the BPL.

And that was great fun.

I’ll be tracking my progress of books read on Goodreads.

I’ll be keeping a tally here on the blog as well, though past experience tells me that I tend to get behind on monthly updates of titles read. (Whoops.)

It’s a few days into the new year, I’ve already completed two books.

Let’s rock.



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