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Clips from the Newark Star-Ledger

Book Reviewer: 2007-2012

Freelance Features Writer: 2000-Present

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  1. Claudia Penn Hugger permalink
    December 8, 2009 1:48 pm

    Dear Elizabeth Willse,
    I just read your article in the Star Ledger, dated December 8, 2009, titled “Season’s readings.” In your zeal to cover all the different traditions of the season, you failed to include the Biblical account of the birth of the Christ child. You recommended two books for our Jewish brothers, one for our African brothers, two for the non religious brothers who like to celebrate a winter holiday, but none for the Christian brothers. What were you thinking? In order to complete the traditions of Christmas that you attempted to cover on December 8, 2009, you need to have another article featuring children’s books with the Christ child as in the account of the Gospel according to Matthew or the Gospel according to Luke. I look forward to reading it and seeing all the wonderful children’s literature featured, describing the Christ child’s birth.

    Claudia Hugger


  1. Welcome to my Blog! « Elizabeth Willse
  2. Welcome to my Blog! « Elizabeth Willse: Freelance Writer

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